Louver Dampers / Butterfly Dampers

Our Louver Dampers are best suited for Regulating Duty Applications.

Special Features;

  • Good Control over the Operation
  • High-Temperature Design is available with Special Alloy Materials.
  • Leak-Proof Design is available with various Seal Designs
  • Special Seals are available for High Dust Load Applications.

Guillotine Gate Dampers

Guillotine Dampers are best suited for ON-OFF Duty Applications

Special Features:

  • High-Temperature Design is available
  • Special Seals used for Sealing of Damper Body & Flap.
  • Rigid Construction gives the machinery Long-Life.
  • Various Drive Arrangements can be offered to suit site conditions.

      • Screw Drive
      • Rack & Pinion Drive
      • Chain & Sprocket Drive
      • Manual Handwheel Drive, etc.
  • 100 % Leak-Proof construction also available with the Seal Air System.
  • Material can be altered to suit the Operational conditions.